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Offshore Radio Operator Jobs

The offshore Radio Operator job, sometimes known as the Rig Administrator position, or the Radioman, is responsible for the entire onboard communications system.  He maintains and conducts all external communication between the rig and external traffic, to include communications with the Coast Guard, Delivery and Supply Vessels, and Helicopters.

The offshore radioman monitors all radio traffic across multiple bands, in particular the emergency frequency. He provides the daily weather forecast to the entire crew, and also may serve as the Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO).

On many offshore rigs, the Radioman must have a GDMSS Radio Operator's License. He may be responsible for lifeboat lists, emergency muster lists, and personnel-on-board lists.

The offshore radioman should be skilled with computers, have good administration skills, and be able to get along well with others, as the Radio Room is often a busy hub that serves as the main contact point between rig workers. Various miscellaneous administrative tasks may also be expected of the Offshore Radio Operator. On most rigs, two years of offshore or seagoing experience and a Certificate of Competency will be required to obtain this position.

Offshore Radio Operator Job Wages

Pay is generally very good for offshore Radio Operator jobs, with salaries ranging from the the upper 50s to upper 60s, a great deal better than the land-based radio operator positions.

Getting Hired For Offshore Radio Operator Jobs

If the prospect of getting hired on as an offshore radio operator is something that appeals to you, you can learn how and where to apply for offshore radio operator jobs with The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit.

Most of the mid to large companies have online applications. You can do this one at a time, or utilize the services of a company such as Rigworker, which will forward your resume to around 1200 energy and drilling companies, after ensuring that your resume meets the format that these companies typically prefer.

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