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Offshore Crane Operator and Rigging Jobs

Offshore Riggers and offshore crane operators are in-demand positions on offshore oil rigs, and typically pay quite a bit better than their on-shore counterparts. If you have some rigging experience, you'll have no problem getting offshore as a roustabout, working as a rigger and reporting to the Crane Operator. To advance to a Crane Operator position, you will need to train and get certified as an Offshore Crane Operator from an approved training program; we list two further below.

Offshore Crane Operator

Offshore Crane Operators are responsible for operating the crane on the rig and offloading from the supply ships. They serve as the Roustabout's foreman, and provide supervision to the roustabouts, as well as the Assistant Crane Operator, when loading and unloading of supplies for the supply ships, as well as moving equipment on the rig decks. Offshore crane operators are required to have an Offshore Crane Operator Certificate. Additionally, they should have experience working as a rigger \ roustabout.

Assistant Offshore Crane Operator

The assistant offshore crane operator has worked for some time as a roustabout rigger, and has gained the necessary qualifications to operate the rig crane on relief for the crane operator. This is a junior leadership position, and he will begin providing guidance and supervision to less experienced roustabouts. The assistant crane operator is promotable to the lead Offshore Crane Operator when an open position becomes available.

Offshore Rigger (Roustabout)

Offshore Riggers are roustabouts who work and train as riggers on offshore oil rigs. They attach and detach loads and lifting equipment from the rig's crane or cranes, load and unload supplies from the supply ships, and work directly under the Crane Operator or Assistant Crane Operator in moving loads and equipment on the rig decks. Once they have some experience rigging, they can certify as a Crane Operator and advance to the assistant offshore crane operator position.

Wages for Offshore Crane Operators and Rigging Jobs

  • Crane operator - $69,500+
  • Assistant Crane Operator - $59,000+
  • Offshore Riggers - $54,000+

Offshore Crane Operator and Rigger Training Programs

In the US:

Energy Cranes Training Center, Robert, Louisiana

Energy Cranes Training Center in the USA forms part of the established Shell Robert Training and Conference Center, where Energy Cranes have installed a teaching crane and provide specialist instructors covering lifting disciplines.

The Shell Robert T&CC boasts 13 classrooms, accommodating from 9 to 100 delegates, on a site with residential accommodation and leisure facilities.

Training & competence assessment services are available for:

  • Crane Operators (on & offshore, pedestal, gantry & knuckleboom cranes)
  • Crane Maintainers
  • Hydraulics Maintainers
  • Riggers
  • OPITO-approved Slinger & Banksman training
  • Personnel transfer (FROG capsule)
  • LOLER (E-learning package)

In the UK:

Sparrows Training Centre, Aberdeen, Scotland

Sparrows Training Centre is located above a disused, flooded quarry, allowing the 140-foot boom pedestal crane to simulate realistically the crane operator's view of the marine lifting environment.

Facilities include:

  • Liebherr BOS 2600 pedestal crane
  • Priestman crawler crane
  • Liebherr mobile telescopic crane
  • Floating 'vessel deck'
  • Blind-lift zone
  • Wide range of sample loads: containers, baskets, personnel capsules, bulk hoses, drill pipes, etc
  • Four fully equipped classrooms
  • Fully equipped rigging loft
  • Two purpose-built rigging frames

In Canada:

College of the North Atlantic

Offshore and Mobile Crane Operator's certificate

    26 weeks 

    Start date varies 

    Bay St. George Campus  

This program exposes students to the safe and efficient operation of Offshore and/or Land-based Mobile Cranes.  Students study the theory of operation and preventive maintenance and, using the Crane Operator Training Simulator, develop practical skills necessary for the operation of these cranes.  Through the use of the simulator, numerous training scenarios are set up that will test the students’ abilities to work under stress conditions and face safety hazards that would be impossible to practice using real equipment.

Offshore Crane Operator and Rigging Jobs Recruiting Services

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