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Offshore Painting Jobs

Offshore painting jobs are a great way for the inexperienced to gain experience working in an offshore environment. The work is far from glamorous, but if you are determined to create a new career and life for yourself by working offshore, this is one of the best ways to do it.

On some offshore rigs, painting duties are performed by the roustabouts, but on many others, this will be a separate job category, or considered to be a 'maintenance roustabout'.

Duties include cleaning the deck and floors, scraping off rust, and painting. Painting and rust removal is a constant, ongoing part of any offshore rigs maintenance schedule, thanks to the corrosive power of salt water.  Other general labor will be provided as needed.

This position is a great way to get one's foot in the door, and move on to offshore rigging jobs, offshore roustabout and roughneck jobs, and eventually moving up the drill crew ladder, starting with work as a drilling roustabout, giving the roughnecks their breaks when things are slow.


Wages for offshore painters will typically run from 45k to 58k a year.

Work Duties

  • Perform all duties assigned during deck/maintenance operations.
  • Proceed safely, and correct or notify persons of any unsafe acts and/or conditions.
  • Attend pre-tour, post tour, and special operations and weekly safety meetings.
  • Rig maintenance such as chipping, scraping, painting, scrubbing, and cleaning.
  • Assist in keeping the deck free of all unnecessary tools and equipment.

Getting an Offshore Painter 

If you are in the U.S., the fastest method of getting hired is usually applying in person at the drilling contractors in Houston, TX and Lafayette, LO.  In other countries where offshore operations are taking place, the same holds true - find the names of the offshore contractors, and apply in person.  There are a number of advantages doing it this way, but the biggest is simply that there are often unadvertised openings that need filled yesterday, and if you go in person, you stand a shot at getting hired on the spot.

If applying in person isn't an option, then the next step is simply applying to drilling contractors individually, either online or by snail mail.  Most of the mid to large companies have online applications.  You can do this one at a time, or utilize the services of a company such as Rigworker, which will forward your resume to around 1200 energy and drilling companies, after ensuring that your resume meets the format that these companies typically prefer. 

If the prospect of getting hired on as an offshore painter is something that appeals to you, you can learn how and where to apply for offshore painting jobs with The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit.

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